Louth Jazz with P.R.S.

Introducing P.R.S.

P.R.S. and various artists at Louth Jazz...

The Louth jazz audience first met P.R.S. when Rick Woolgar brought them over to back him. “You’re probably my favourite band to play with”, said Rick, “it’s so nice to have such a tight rhythm section – it gives the headliners confidence to just play”.

So it made perfect sense to have P.R.S. provide the music upon which our headline artists deliver their art.

Headed up by ex BBC session drummer Si Potts, whose family have a musical heritage. His father being a band leader and trumpeter in the 50’s as well as his brother Maff and son Louis.

Steve Rodda plays guitar – and has been doing for more years than he’d care to admit. With strong influences from both reggae and gypsy jazz, this ever self-deprecating musician is full of inventive lines and is technically exceptional.

Mat Short provides the low end, playing his 4-string electric bass. Originally a sax player, under the watchful eye of saxophone giant Jan Kopinski and later being mentored by trumpeter Nathan Bray, Mat switched to bass, after the death of his late father back in 2015. He’s never looked back.

Their approach to music, in fact to life, is to have fun! Every version of every tune, is always different. They aren’t a band who rehearse as such – rather just pooling their collective talent and applying it to whomever they happen to be supporting. The results are genuine improvisation, bringing out the best in each other and of course, their headliner.

Above all, P.R.S. intend to share the fun they’re having with you, the audience, to offer an almost interactive gig – we hope you enjoy watching and listening to P.R.S. as much as they enjoy playing for you.